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The link is here. The easiest way to download all the abstracts is to look on the left of the page that the link will bring up and click Select All under Actions for selected articles. That will queue every article to download and participants can click the Download PDFs link directly underneath.


Since all articles will be selected, including the research articles of the issue, you may need to deselect each individual article. That is way less time consuming than individually selecting each abstract.

Deadlines - special note

UPDATE:  the 2020 cancelled program has been transferred to this meeting with minor changes. We are NOT accepting any new applications. The next meeting for application will be in 2026.


Symposia and associated abstracts submission window: CLOSED


Poster submission window: CLOSED Please submit an application and your poster abstract in a Word file. Please do not include figures in your abstract.


Notification of abstract acceptance for Symposia will be made to the Symposium Chairs and Poster abstract acceptance will be notified on November 25, 2019. Notifications have been made.


Abstract Application form found HERE to You must use Acrobat Professional to save the PDF or if you have the Reader only you have to print it to PDF in order to save all of your edits. Please NO hand-written applications. Abstracts should be submitted in Word docx. format.  NO MORE APPLICATIONS ARE BEING ACCEPTED.


To be clear: Each Symposium needs an abstract and an application form. Please do not enter your abstract into the Application form. If the chair is giving a talk, we need an abstract and a separate application for the talk. We also need a separate abstract and application from each of the other speakers in the symposium. 


We use the application forms to create the new email list for this year to send information to all of the speakers. If there is no application form on file, your email address will not be on this year's list and you will not directly receive updates about the conference. We also use these abstracts and information on the applications to create both the program and the "Alcohol" supplemental insert.

General Guidelines for Symposium and Poster Abstracts 


Abstracts should be well written, contain alcohol and/or stress research data and should include a statement about the conclusion reached. The abstracts should also be in Word format .docx preferred. The abstract submission form requests the following information: 


Presentation Preference. Authors may select from two presentation formats when submitting an abstract: “symposium” or “poster”. 


Title. Please write your abstract title in sentence case (first letter is capitalized; remaining letters are lower case). Your title should be in boldface, but do not italicize your full title.  


Authors. List all authors who contributed to the work discussed in the abstract, separate names with commas.


Symposium Guidelines 


We strongly encourage proposals that bridge preclinical and clinical research that would attract scientists with diverse interests in both fields. While it is not mandated that all symposia be integrative, symposia that do provide connections across approaches and levels of analysis will be given somewhat higher priority during the selection process. The Committee urges organizers of sessions to include participants (including junior investigators) from different institutions and different countries in order to provide diverse viewpoints and internationality. Each symposium will be 90 minutes long, so a maximum of four speakers is strongly recommended. 


Notification of Session Information  


Only the presenting author will receive notification of the session information for the abstract. This information is sent in two e-mails: 


The first e-mail will include notification of the Scientific Committee’s decision, and confirmation of presentation format and session title. 


A second e-mail will include session date, specific presentation time, and a request for the author to submit audiovisual equipment specifications. 


Poster Guidelines


Please find inormation on specifications for posters HERE.

Alcoholism and Stress:
A Framework For Future Treatment Strategies

Volterra, Italy May 12 - 15, 2026

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